Young Marble Giants:
Colossal Youth
“Final Day” 7″ and “Ode To Booker T

7″ and 12″ tracks
La Variete

Young Marble Giants: Colossal Youth LP (1980)

Searching For Mr Right (Stuart Moxham)
Searching for Mr Right
Waiting up half the night

Feeling like I’ll be dead
Before I’m old
Teaching myself to be
The Young Untold

How can I hope to be
Someone for you to see?

Blind as the Fate decrees
I will go on
Teaching myself to be
The Young Untold

Am I in vain tonight?
Lose you against the light
Who can you be
Mr Right?

Include Me Out (Stuart Moxham)
Re-arranging the atoms in my hairdo
Gets me thinking ’bout
good times I had with you
Back in the Sixties when love was free
Never need to worry bout my G.C.E.

Dying of boredom in your plastic home
Pretty the pictures, work to the bone
Don’t be depressed,
you can just pick up the phone
But it won’t answer ‘cos
there’s no-one home

Count your possessions out one by one
Include your lovers, include the one
You threw away in nineteen sixty three
Include me out, don’t label me

The Taxi (Stuart Moxham)
Instrumental with indecipherable distorted spoken-word interlude

Eating Noddemix (Alison Statton/Philip Moxham)
Staring at the mirror on
the steamy bathroom wall
eating a Noddemix
As the people are running
the highrise starts to fall
While she neatly wipes her lips

The reporters pick up
their pads and pens
As they rush to the scene
And the cameras wink on the gory views
How the Editors agree

Putting on her makeup
she glances at the clock
Next she’ll paint her nails
The train has collided
the driver didn’t stop
As she slips onto the scales

Looking for her car keys
she finds them in her shoe
Lift the magazine from the floor
That long-ago mystery
has revealed another clue
As she quickly shuts the door

Yeah, man, they just pulled over now, and it looks like it’s gonna be an all-night job tonight, you know. If you could send a few cars it would sure help a lot. And I should sip wine in front of the TV tonight because there’s a program I wish you to see. I’ll start making a few inquiries already. OK, that’s all for now.

Constantly Changing (Stuart Moxham)
And when I see you
constantly changing
Never the same as, never remaining
I cannot fix you in a position
Where I would lose you out of my vision
For you are movement
And that is nothing

N.l.T.A. (Stuart Moxham)
It’s nice to hear you’re
having a good time
But it still hurts ‘cos you used to be mine
This doesn’t mean that I possessed you
You’re haunting me because I let you

Shape up your body “Let’s be a tree”
Visual dynamics for you to see
Nature intended the abstract
for you and me

No rain outside but tears in my eyes
Out on the rooftop for a surprise
Call you at teatime
In off the street
Sit down at table, Mummy is neat

Colossal Youth (Stuart Moxham)
If you think the world is
a machine with one cog
And that cog is you,
or the things that you do
Then you are not in this world
The world is not you

If you think the world
is a balloon in your head
When it goes bang only
you will be dead
‘Cos you are not in this world
The world is not you

If you think the world lies
at the top of your legs
And you only live when you are in bed
Then you are not in this world
The world is your head

If you think the world is
a clutter of existence
Falling through the air
with minimal resistance
You could be right, how would I know?
Colossal youth is showing the way to go

Music For Evenings (Stuart Moxham)
I don’t need you to love me
I don’t need you to care
Take your body from by me
Be yourself over there

Though you think you adore me
Secretly you just bore me
When I’m thinking of something
You always come up nothing

Now I’m not a neurotic
Or my business spasmodic
And my only excuse is:
Everything comes from chaos

Keep your music for evenings
And your coffee for callers
Say goodbye to your freedom
Don’t come here with your wallet

The Man Amplifier (Stuart Moxham)
The Man Amplifier
has everything but desire
Is a robot when he should
Never tires, ever good
And we’re singing

Parallel sympathy with you
Skin to metal overture
Take a walk, he’s always near
Like a shadow, never fear
While we’re singing

Like a tower in the dark
He can leave you feeling stark
While his fingers fall away
Love is climbing in his heart
So we’re singing

Take a towel to his brow
Soothe the features of the proud
Lubricate the inner man
Exercise him when you can
And be singing

Choci Loni (Stuart Moxham/Philip Moxham)
Eaten out of house and home,
Choci Loni starts a roam
Putting on a bandolier,
hearing through a nudie ear
Choci Loni roams

Wurlitzer Jukebox! (Stuart Moxham)
Parrish is dancing, his feet are a bIur
Comes to a standstill,
I ask him a question
He doesn’t hear
Wurlitzer jukebox

Fingers are pointed in my direction
Words fly around me,
everyone’s chanting

Salad Days (Alison Statton)
Think of salad days
they were folly and fun
They were good, they were young

Credit In The Straight World (Stuart Moxham)
Go for credit in the straight world
Look a dealer in the eye
Go for credit in the real world
Won’t you try?

I got some credit in the straight world
I lost a leg, I lost an eye
Go for credit in the real world
You won’t die

Instant credit in the straight world
Leaving money when you die
Lots of credit in the real world
gets you high

Brand~New~Life (Stuart Moxham)
So bad when you went away
Nothing I could do or say
And now we are a lonely two
Sit at home and watch the tube

I’ve been hurt before,
sorrow knocking on my door

And so I make a brand-new-life
Fashioned out of brand-new strife
And when I hear the doorbell ring
I can never let them in to me

Pain is in me every day
When you went it came to stay
Come and be a cure for me
Make the tears come out of me

So bad when you went away
Nothing I could do or say
And when I hear the doorbell ring
I can never let them in to me

All songs copyright control.  All rights reserved.

Young Marble Giants: “Final Day” 7″ and
“Ode To Booker T” (1979-1980)

Final Day (Stuart Moxham)
When the rich die last
Like the rabbits
Running from a lucky past
Full of shadow cunning
And the world lights up
For the final day
We will all be poor
Having had our say

Put a blanket up on the window pane
When the baby cries lullaby again
As the light goes out on the final day
For the people who never had a say

There is so much noise
There is too much heat
And the living floor
throws you off your feet
As the final day falls into the night
There is peace outside
in the narrow light

Radio Silents (Stuart Moxham)
Be polite
Just for one time

Be polite
You know a smile when you see one

Just for once
You say it’s better if we don’t write

Radio silents
Be polite

Cakewalking (Stuart Moxham)
Yesterday we were always laughing
Always good for a laugh in passing
Stepping outside of the rules for asking

Misery passes and so does crying
Just look around
when you feel like dying
Stepping outside of the rules
when trying

Hopeless cases will drag you under
Fiery lovers will make you blunder
Tearing all the rules asunder

Trying to cakewalk but it’s too boring
Coming to life at four in the morning
You think you’re alive
But then you’re just yawning

Ode To Booker T. (Stuart Moxham)
Voices over cast doubt in my mind
See what I’m hearing,
don’t leave me behind
I don’t doubt that you will be mine
Life is so much better
when you’re toeing the line
Stay away from people you know
they’re out to get you
Here we go

All songs copyright control except “Ode to Booker T,” (c) Crepescule.  All rights reserved.

Weekend: 7″ and 12″ tracks (1981-1982)

The View From Her Room (Simon Booth/Spike/Alison Statton)
Watching passing wheels on their runway,
In a hurry scurrying by,
As I quietly watch from my window,
They must fly, bye bye bye bye.
Rolled back roofs and folded back shirtsleeves,
As the sun streams down from the sky,
Wishing they could be somewhere else,
Bye bye bye, now they must fly.

Have you heard that self-indulgence just doesn’t pay,
And you cannot have enjoyment on a weekday.
Sun disappears from the sky — weekend arrives.

It’s a Sunday, quiet today,
But still I wish I were far away.
Have you ever walked alone for miles and miles
With sea and sky?
Feeling restless in my enclosure
Even though I’m standing alone
I can hear their constant drone
As they go by, bye bye bye bye…

Leaves of Spring (Simon Booth/Spike/Alison Statton)
Way up there she can hear them crying
Flying on the longest lines,
Down through the Atlantic Ocean,
Sun sets in an African sky,
Capricorn winter, arctic summer
In each and every will there is a way
For the passing of each day

In the quietest moments
How could she know then
They told her nothing in their silent way,
But the terns were flying on a new migration
And she knew she couldn’t stay.
When they found her a cold reaction,
Where there is a will they are afraid,
Now it’s stelazine all day.

Everything went berserk down there,
Cats ran wild up and down the stairs,
Now I’m glad to be alone
On a dreamless sleep on a train for home.
People shouted from next door
What exactly were they shouting for?

“The View From Her Room” and “Leaves of Spring” both copyright control.

Midnight Slows (Alison Statton)
Talked it over twice tonight,
Things I’ve thought of many times.
Disconcerted by silent exhibitions.

Talking over all I said,
Talking over both our heads,
Approaching slumber, caught up by
Midnight slows.

Alternating ups and downs,
See-saw amity smiles and frowns,
Upon the balance you will fall and I’ll ascend.

Past Meets Present (Alison Statton)
Cold grey building reaching high,
Against a cloudy dark grainy sky,
Patches of green, all serene,
Past meets present, it feels like a dream.

That is why sometimes, we return,
But the hold’s no longer firm,
Gain something then adjourn,
To the unfamiliar scene.

Rains reflections on the floor,
Dim yellow light adds warmth to rain’s pour,
Inkshed shelter hasn’t changed,
It still bears familiar names.

Look at the faces, on the whole
Contented with a simple goal,
Life so so unmingled, but I know
Very soon I’ll have to go.

“Past Meets Present” and “Midnight Slows” (c) Mistral Music.  All rights reserved.

Weekend: La Variete LP (1982)

The End of the Affair (Simon Booth/Spike/Alison Statton)
Walking round the frosty park,
Dogs run past our heels and bark
Though we’d like to disagree,
Our ideas are far from free.

Caught a rabbit, caught a tongue,
Don’t withdraw it’s just begun.
Found a friend, that’s something new
And we know now we can be true.

Ooh in the morning, watch your eyes dawning,
It’s what I lack.
Ooh ooh as we’re walking, Oh while we’re talking
It all comes back.

Summerdays (Simon Booth/Phil Moxham/Spike/Alison Statton)
I’ve seen and laughed through all these changes,
The summer days the endless faces
Alone with friends, how could it end,
I thought of you.

And now we’re back together,
We’ve seen a change in weather,
And though we seem much closer,
The words we’ve left unsaid.

Summer morning bright and hazy,
I lie in bed I’m feeling lazy.

And up over the trees, high in the breeze,
The kestrel hovers with graceful ease,
Thoughts of earlier days come to me,
The light came flooding through the trees.

Woman’s Eyes (Spike/Alison Statton)
Different feelings different pace,
We are from a different race.

Look upon the woman’s face,
Not one feature out of place,
A face that I see everywhere,
There’s a self-important air.

When time is spent in company,
Time is treasured thoughts are free,
Unlike the hectic competition
That draws down a glum partition.

Look into the woman’s eyes,
Somewhere there some comfort lies,
There’s a beauty that I yearn for,
Mutual feelings comfort me.

I cannot ignore the game
That causes pressure and some pain,
Once surrounded get drawn in
Into the mental boxing ring.

In those eyes a different stare
Is this the beauty I should wear?
Would that knowledge comfort me?
Then would I be really free?

Listen to excited chatter
‘Bout the latest things that matter.
Permanent enough to root,
It glorifies a feeble shoot.

Neither cynical or angry,
Just a little more unhappy
Happy moments laughter’s heard,
Sometimes no need to say a word.

Sleepy Theory (Alison Statton)
Disturbing dream, the environment changes,
Piped music haunts their sleeping places.
Their songs begin to merge, what must this be doing to me,
I awake pondering on my sleepy theory.

Childhood dreams have reoccurred,
I lie awake fearing the stranger outside my door,
Perhaps he will bother me no more,
I wish he’d go away.

Look at the clock, it’s one o’clock,
I can’t do everything, once more run out of time,
Too much to do, say, think, write, can it be done,
It’s so hard to question tired minds on the run.

Wasting time talking to reflection
Don’t know where to go or what to say
Times of change rearrange your world
And challenge minds with bleak destruction
Wasting so much time.

Red Planes (Spike/Alison Statton)
Red planes lying on the floor,
Foreign words that are not there,
Poor focus draws your eyes in close,
One-eyed dog with big wide smile.

Thoughts aimed just above the ground,
Tentative companions now
Gentle man that talks of force,
Soon to leave familiar room.

Absent now the silent home,
Missing people vacancies.
Past dreams and wishes frozen view,
Fades away from calling new.

Nostalgia (D. Hodell/Spike)
The photo on your wall
Is a record of the past
Things you had forgotten
Things that couldn’t last
Now that things are different,
A moment on your own brings back memories,
And the thought will make you crave for old friends,
Some of them you see sometimes,
Some of them are dead.

Don’t forget the bad times,
You swore not to forget,
The anger, mental violence,
The worries and the threats.
Sometimes it’s nice to see people
Who used to be really close to you,
But now you’ve escaped from your dependence,
Don’t get another dose.

All songs (c) Eustone Songs, except “Carnival Headache” ((c) Mistral Music).  All rights reserved.