YMG itinerary

Live performances, television broadcasts and radio sessions.

This is an admittedly incomplete list.  Please write if you have additional information.


DateCityVenuePerformed With:Notes/Other
7/27/79CardiffCharles Street CarnivalGBH
Reptile Ranch
Riotous Bros.
many others
12/15/79CardiffGrass Roots Coffee BarReptile Ranch
The Janet & Johns
Puritan Guitars
Riotous Bros
Flyer.  The Grass Roots was YMG’s home base of sorts during their early career; they almost certainly played more gigs here.
NACardiffCasablanca ClubThe Casablanca was a converted chapel in Cardiff’s Mount Stuart Square.


DateCityVenuePerformed With:Notes/Other
2/14/80LondonDeptford Albany EmpireThe Raincoats
Necessary Girl
Stepping Talk
2/23/80LondonMoonlight ClubThe Raincoats
5/1/80LondonClarendon HotelCabaret Voltaire
Red Crayola
5/15/80CardiffCardiff Art CollegeReptile Ranch
5/23/80LondonThe NashvilleEssential Logic
6/10/80LondonRock GardenNick Woods
Captain Music
6/15/80LondonThe LyceumToyah
Au Pairs
A Certain Ratio
6/17/80ParisLes Bains DouchesSet list: N.I.T.A., The Man Amplifier, Choci Loni, Radio Silents, Wurlitzer Jukebox!, Music for Evenings, Colossal Youth, Salad Days, Ode to Booker T, Brand-New-Life, Include Me Out, Final Day, Cakewalking
6/19/80LondonRock GardenThe Combo
6/19?/80BrusselsPlan KPhotos (offsite).
Note:  Phillippe Carly’s site pegs this gig as June 19, but other sources list the above Rock Garden on that date.
7/80Apeldoorn, NetherlandsDe GigantNote: According to Wendy Smith, YMG played other dates on their Summer 1980 European tour, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and
7/12/80CardiffCharles Street CarnivalReptile Ranch
Riotous Bros.
many others
Live photo
7/18/80LondonMoonlight ClubTV Personalities
Furious Pig
8/01/80LondonClarendon HotelThis Heat
Furious Pig
8/18/80LondonJohn Peel Show session, BBC Radio 1Songs: Posed By Models, Searching for Mr. Right, N.I.T.A., Brand-New-Life, Final Day
8/26/80LondonSomething Else taping, BBC-TVThe DamnedSongs: N.I.T.A., Wurlitzer Jukebox!
Live photos and video
9/10/80EdinburghNite ClubThompson Twins
Local Heroes
9/11/80StirlingSword HotelThompson Twins
Local Heroes
Notes: The unofficial Thompson Twins tour page lists the Stirling venue as Albert Hall, but the NME and readers of this site have placed the gig at Sword Hotel.
9/12/80DumferlineGlen PavilionThompson Twins
Local Heroes
9/14/80LeedsQueens Hall,
Futurama 2 Festival (Day 2)
Household Name
Vice Versa
Naked Lunch
Boots for Dancing
The Flowers
Frantic Elevators
Not Sensibles
Brian Brain
Classix Nouveaux
Durutti Column
Soft Boys
4 Be 2s
Hazel O’Connor
Psychedelic Furs
Athletico Spizz 80
Gary Glitter
Notes: Photos from both nights here.  YMG played between the Soft Boys and 4 Be 2s.  These concerts were filmed by BBC-TV, and edited into four half-hour segments for broadcast.  YMG’s “Colossal Youth” appeared in the first segment, along with Classix Nouveaux (“Soldier”), Acrobats of Desire (“Queen of The Wake”), League of Gentlemen (“Dislocated”), Not Sensibles (“Death to Disco”), Vice Versa (“Democratic Dancebeat”), and Hazel O’Connor’s Megahype (“Zoo,” “Glass Houses”). Bootleg videotapes exist.  Other interesting trivia: Vice Versa later became ABC.  Mick Hucknall (Simple Minds) sang lead for Frantic Elevators.
9/16/80NottinghamBoat ClubSet list: The Man Amplifier, Choci Loni, Radio Silents, Music For Evenings, Colossal Youth, Salad Days, Ode to Booker T, Searching for Mr. Right, Credit in the Straight World, Brand-New-Life, Include Me Out, Eating Noddemix, Final Day, Wurlitzer Jukebox
9/17/80LondonRock GardenTV21
Dave Hopper
10/3/80LondonNorth London PolyLiLiPut
Essential Logic
10/24/80San FranciscoTenth Street HallCabaret Voltaire
The Sleepers
Minimal Man
10/25/80BerkeleyKeystoneCabaret Voltaire
The Sleepers
The Gears
10/26/80 (day)San FranciscoCivic Center
(outdoor festival)
Cabaret Voltaire
Our Daughter’s Wedding
Live photos
10/26/80 (eve)Palo AltoKeystoneCabaret VoltaireFlyer
10/29/80Los AngelesSokol HallCabaret Voltaire
Victory Acres
(no date)
Vancouver BCThe Western Fronte
11/14/80Hoboken NJMaxwell’sThe Cyclones
(no date)
11/21/80 and 11/22/80NYCHurrah!ESG (according to  Rip It Up and Start Again – could not verify)Set lists included: N.I.T.A., Choci Loni, Radio Silents, Colossal Youth, Credit in the Straight World, Brand-New-Life, Include Me Out, Wurlitzer Jukebox!, Salad Days, Final Day, Music For Evenings, Searching for Mr. Right, Cakewalking.
Notes: These performances were filmed for the Live At The Hurrah! DVD..


DateCityVenuePerformed With:Notes/Other
1/27/04CardiffBBC Radio WalesNAInterview and live session for BBC Radio Wales documentary Colossal Youth: The Story of Young Marble Giants.  The band included Alison, Stuart Phil and drummer Andrew Moxham.  They performed one new song, “Alright,” which is otherwise unavailable.

2007 and onward

DateCityVenuePerformed With:Notes/Other
5/27/07Hay-on-Wye, WalesThe Hay FestivalNAPhotos and other materials.
10/28/07Bologne, FranceBoulogne-Billancourt Bbmix FestivalNAPhotos and other materials.Set list:  Brand ~ New ~ Life, Wurlitzer Jukebox!, Choci Loni, Ode to Booker T., Radio Silents, Eating Noddemix, Music For Evenings, Searching for Mr Right, Constantly Changing, Include Me Out, Cakewalking, Final Day, N.I.T.A., Salad Days
5/29/08Vigo, SpainFestival Sinsal 6 at Auditorio CaixaovaNANA
5/30/08Porto, PortugalCasa da MusicaNANA
5/31/08Barcelona, SpainPrimavera Sound FestivalNANA
11/1/08Nivelles, BelgiumFactory FestivalNANA
11/14/08Cardiff, WalesSWN Festival, National Museum of WalesNANA

Additional information
YMG cover artist Wendy Smith wrote in with these comments: “In the European tour, we (also) went to Paris ,Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and
Berlin.  Also you left out some of the Scottish dates as well with Furious Pig and the Thompson Twins;  I know we played Stirling.”