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Young Marble Giants hailed from Cardiff, Wales.

They recorded at Foel Studio.

Rough Trade released YMG’s Colossal Youth LP and two singles. The label’s early discography contains one of the all-time great rosters. Geoff Travis founded the label. Rough Trade is also one of London’s best record shops. 

There are Spike and YMG MySpace pages.  The YMG page was done by an enthusiastic fan, not by this site or any of the former band members.

LTM is reissuing Alison Statton’s collaborative LPs with Ian Devine and Spike respectively.   Its big brother label, Les Disques du Crepescule, kept Colossal Youth in print for years before Domino took over in 2007.

Spike, former Weekend bassist and occasional Alison Statton collaborator, has his own website.  It includes much backstory that isn’t covered here, and is essential reading if you liked this site.

Z-Block Records 2006.  The fabled label returns, “YOUR TURN NEXT” spirit intact!

Vinyl Japan released CDs by Alison Statton & Spike and Stuart Moxham & The Original Artists, as well as the Salad Days collection of early YMG demos. They may or may not be out of business now.

The band Choci Loni is named after a Colossal Youth track.

There is a film called Colossal Youth.

There was also a song called “Colossal Youth” by Moonpools and Caterpillars.

This is Noddemix, if you (like me) were curious.

Simon Reynolds’ book, Rip It Up and Start Again, is a vital history of the postpunk scene.  Stuart Moxham is interviewed.  Check out Simon’s website to see full interviews and other unpublished materials.

Check out Chuck Warner’s Hyped2Death site.  His selection of archival CD compilations is frankly jaw-dropping, with lots of ultra-ultra-obscurities.  The Messthetics series is of particular interest, with a few selections by a few YMG and Gist members.

For more information on YMG’s early-1980s contemporaries, I highly recommend The Women of 1970s Punk, which covers most of the late ’70s/early ’80s postpunk essentials.  I also recommend joining the Typical Girls mailing list, dedicated to “women in punk from the 1970s and early 1980s.”  (There’s lots of excellent info and links on the site’s Web page as well.)

Little History of the Young Marble Giants is a great Japanese YMG page.

Mike, your humble webmaster, has a website with more information about his other writing and musical projects.  He also has a blog like everyone else these days.