“See…listen…and rock!” A business card for True Wheel, the band that became YMG.
A flyer advertising YMG/Cabaret Voltaire’s autumn 1980 shows in Palo Alto and Berkeley, CA.
A poster advertising Rough Trade US’ first 1980 releases, including Colossal Youth.  
A program and schedule for the 1980 Charles Street Festival, Cardiff.
A schedule for the 1979 Charles Street Festival, Cardiff.
A flyer for the 1979 Grass Roots Coffee Bar holiday festival.
A flyer for YMG’s first London-area show, Valentine’s Day 1980.
An advertisement for Rough Trade 25th Anniversary shows.
A flyer for the YMG/This Heat/Furious Pig show at the Clarendon Hotel, May 1, 1980.
  Rough Trade promo postcard featuring the band, spring 1980.
  • The factsheet issued by Rough Trade’s American office issued, most likely for record stores and distributors. Most likely circa 1981; note the Gist 7″ listed in the discography.
  • Liner notes from Colossal Youth CD reissue, 1994.
  • Liner notes from Embrace The Herd CD reissue, 1999.