Colossal Youth demo cassette (1979)

Colossal Youth LP (1980)
(and various CD reissues through 2004)

Live At The Hurrah! videotape (1994)

Rip It Up and Start Again compilation CD (V2, 2006)
Includes "Choci Loni."

Colossal Youth and Collected Works CD reissue (2007)

"The View From Her Room" / "Leaves of Spring"
7" and 12" (1982)

La Variete LP (1982)
(and various CD reissues)

"Love at First Sight" / "Light Aircraft" 7" (1981)

"Love at First Sight" / "Light Aircraft" 7"
(alternate sleeve) (1981)



The Prince of Wales CD reissue (2005)

"Hideaway/Lovers Get In The Way" 7" (1990)


Alison Statton: vocals
Spike Williams: guitar, fiddle, keyboards

"A Mercury Girl" (ReNewell compilation CD,http://www.martinnewell.co.uk, 2000)
A tribute to Martin Newell, with all proceeds going to charity.  


Artist Song and/or Release Title Label Date
Beat Happening "Tiger Trap," "Sleepy Head," "Godsend" and "Hey Day" from You Turn Me On CD  Sub Pop/K 1993
The Coctails "When I Come Around" and "Never Knew" from The Coctails CD Carrot Top 1996
Lois Butterfly Kiss CD K 1992
Marine Girls Lazy Ways CD Cherry Red 1983



Artist Song Title Release Title Label Date
Belle & Sebastian Final Day Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before: Rough Trade 25th Anniversary  Rough Trade 2003
Etienne Daho Paris Le Flore (aka Love At First Sight) Pop Satori LP Virgin France 1986
Drunken Boat Salad Days New Pop EP First Warning 1990
Galaxie 500 Final Day Galaxie 500 box set Rykodisc 1996
Adam Green Eating Noddemix Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before: Rough Trade 25th Anniversary  Rough Trade 2003
Hole Credit in The Straight World Live Through This CD DGC 1994
In Embrace Brand-New-Life What's Got Into Me?EP Glass 1987
Kickstand Colossal Youth Kickstand CD Queenie 1994
Lush Love At First Sight "Hypocrite" 12" 4AD 1994
The Magnetic Fields The Man Amplifier "Why I Cry" 7" Motorway 1996
Barbara Manning Cakewalking Under One Roof: Singles and Oddities CD Innerstate 2000
Nikola Sirkis Alice Dans La Lune (aka Brand - New - Life)  Dans La Lune... LP EMI France 1992
Linda Smith Salad Days Nothing Else Matters CD Homemade Music 2000
Speed The Plough Final Day Wonder Wheel CD ESD 1991
Sugar Plant N.I.T.A. Cage of the Sun EP Pop Narcotic 1996
Sally Timms It Says Here To The Land of Milk & HoneyCD,
"It Says Here" 12"
Feel Good All Over 1995
Toys Went Berserk Brand-New-Life The Smiler With a Knife CD Aberrant 1990
Versus N.I.T.A. "Big Head On" 7" Teenbeat 1995